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Our 2018 programme commences in March. 

The programme is listed in the "News" tab above, and you can download our latest brochure under the "Contact" tab.

Email us for a brochure - kapitiwea@gmail.com

and - our new phone number is 021 162 7000

Courses in March 2018...

Egyptology – Negotiating the Cosmos: Mythology and Religion Wed 7 March - 11 April (6 weeks)
Music – Dmitri Shostakovich Sat 10 March
Philosophy Sat 17 March
History - Measuring the Earth (postponed)
Spanish for travellers Tues 27 March (6 weeks)

Courses in April 2018...

Astrophysics and CosmologySat 7 April
Russia and NZ RelationsSat 14 April
Literature - Harry PotterSat 21 April

Ancient Egypt - Negotiating the Cosmos: Mythology and Religion

Tutor: Sarah Vidler

Session: Wednesdays (6 sessions) 7 March -11 April 10 am - noon

Venue: Kapiti Community Centre

Cost: $ 90 for 6 sessions or $20 each session (members);

$110 and $30 respectively for non-members

The gods and goddesses of ancient Egypt are amongst the most evocative images of an ancient culture that is complex and sometimes contradictory.

Some names are familiar: Osiris, Anubis and Isis. But how were these gods and goddesses understood and comprehended by the Egyptians themselves?

These seminars unravel the mysteries of ancient Egyptian mythology and its deities by taking a close look at six of the major gods and goddesses, and examining the mythology and beliefs associated with them. You will gain an understanding of how religion functioned on a broad scale within ancient Egyptian society, both elite and commonplace.

Sessions cover:

  • Re, the Sun god and god of Creation (7 March)
  • Osiris, King of the Afterlife and the Underworld (14 March)
  • Isis, the Divine Mother and goddess of magic (4 April)
  • Horus, the falcon god and god of divine kingship (11 April)
  • Hathor, the golden goddess and god of benevolent/destructive power (2 May)
  • Anubis, the canine god and god of the dead (9 May)
  • Sarah Vidler studied Archaeology & Egyptology at Liverpool and UCL, has undertaken multiple study tours of Egypt, as well as working on excavations in Europe and Israel, and has been teaching Egyptology at Victoria University Continuing Education since 2008. 

    Measuring the Earth

    Tutor: Peter Gainsford

    Session: Postponed to second semester

    Venue: Kapiti Community Centre, 15 Ngahina Street, Paraparaumu

    Cost: $40 members $50 non-members

    Around 250 BCE Eratosthenes calculated the circumference of the Earth. What was the impact of this famous achievement, then and now? What was the reaction of competitors and flat earthers? An introduction to these historical problems and context.

    Peter Gainsford is the author of Early Greek Hexameter Poetry (Cambridge, 2015) and has written articles on many aspects of ancient Greek language, literature and myth. He has taught classical studies and languages at Victoria University since 2003.

    Spanish for Travellers

    Tutor: Ester Garcia

    Session: 6 Tuesdays 7 – 9 pm 27 March – 1 May

    Venue: Kapiti Community Centre

    Cost: $90 members $110 non-members

    A course on verbal and written Spanish, intended for travellers and those keen to learn a new language. No previous knowledge is necessary, however a willingness to learn and participate is. 

    Kapiti WEA - Learning for Life

    The WEA (Workers Educational Association) was set up in 1915 and is the longest-serving provider of adult education in New Zealand.  Kapiti WEA has existed for 30 years. 

     Our aim is to provide community based, stimulating and varied educational activities that develop knowledge, skills, creativity, understanding and enjoyment of life. We offer courses in relaxed, non-threatening environments, using the best tutors available from Wellington and the Kapiti Coast.